21 december 2012

Merry Christmas and last minute workshop

Yesterday I went to Françoise for a last minute Christmas workshop.

All our bee members were there and we worked very hard!! But most of all we had a great time together drinking Christmas tea and eating cookies and chocolates in the shape of wreaths.

We couldn't finish the whole appliqué project in 2 hours, but there might be one lady who stayed up late to finish hers.....

When we have our first bee in the new year we will show our finished products.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Creative 2013!!!


07 december 2012

Snow, siggie and camelot

snow on the big tree in front of the house
I gave myself a snow day. No reason to go outside, only fun things to do inside!!

Finally I made some siggies again. I received one a long time ago, so tomorrow I will put my siggy in the mail to Italy.... The other 4 will find a new home somewhere in the Netherlands.

And these are the 2 new blocks of my Camelot quilt in the making. After this I have only 4 more to go.
block 11

block 12
Hope you had a productive day too!!

Happy quilting and keep warm!!


25 november 2012

Camelot block 9 and 10

Next week I will have the Camelot bee again and get the pattern for 2 new blocks.
I am glad to be able to keep up with this project, so far so good..... Let's see how I get through the month of December.
block 10

block 9

And in the mean time I am busy with something different, granny squares..... I am totally hooked!!!

Happy Quilting,


09 november 2012

Little Carrousel almost AFFO

The final stitches have been made, I tried to use up all left over fabric to assemble the back of the quilt. All is left now are some small scraps ;) Yeah!!

the back all pieced together

And I finally used the "Heat Press batting together" I bought ages ago in Paducah.  It works perfectly for this small quilt.

ironing on the cloth tape to fuse the batting

look at that! 

my new friend ;)
All I have to do now is the quilting. I will use my machine, because with all the seams it will be hard to hand quilt my little Carrousel.
Françoise has already started the new mystery this month called: Mysterie Sweet Hearts. But I still need some time to finish this one. And my dear Françoise: I won't need the "red de restjes" workshop as you can see looking at the pictures ;)

Happy Quilting,

03 november 2012

Camelot on the go part 2

Working on the final part of block 9 while waiting for the guys to put the winter tires on my car.
I always bring the ziplock with a little project with me just in case .....

Happy Quilting!!


30 oktober 2012

Camelot on the go

Last week I was at the Handwerkbeurs Ahoy, Rotterdam. I took my Camelot blocks with me, in case I had to kill some time.
Not a lot of sewing done, but a lot of visitors were very interested in my work.
Always a joy to share your work.
block 7, 8 and 9

block 9 in the making

Aren't they looking good together?
Happy sewing,

18 oktober 2012

Masterclass with Hilde van Schaardenburg

Some time ago I went to a masterclass with Hilde van Schaardenburg at Bordura. It was called: ik zie, ik zie, wat jij niet ziet.

We had to " just let the fabric talk to you" and not have a plan the moment we started free motion quilting. This is not an easy thing to do. But very interesting and the results were stunning!! 
Still have to finish the little project and will probably frame it like a painting.

Hope you are inspired too by taking classes or meeting fellow quilters. 

Happy quilting,


19 september 2012

Mystery part 10

After a busy time because of the quilt show in Deventer, I almost forgot what my sewing machine looked like....
But I made today into a quilt-day and finished the top of the mystery quilt Little Carrousel by Françoise Maarse.

hang in there Little Carrousel, help is on the way

strips for the 2cm wide border

preparing the first border

adding the second 10cm wide border

work station
Now I can show the result to the "Vughtse Stucjes" quilt bee tonight at my house.
Still have to sew the mitered corners, but I will manage before 8pm.....

Happy sewing,

05 september 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Just before the opening of the show in Deventer of the Dutch Quiltersgilde a lot of things have to be done. Many volunteers are busy organizing, collecting, hanging the quilts and getting the shops ready for the famous "winkelroute". Around 30 to 40 shops in the city center have a quilt on display in their window. So walking through Deventer is a quilt show on its own. But you still need to come to the Big Church to see the 300 quilts that have been chosen by the selection committee. This years theme is : Connection.  

the big church is where the show will be held

Deventer is a beautiful city. And to make it even more special: you can park your car at the other side of the river IJssel and take the little ferry. It runs until 11 pm so there is still time to have diner after the show in one of the restaurants in town.

poster quilt of the Algemene Tentoonstelling

Hopefully it will be very busy with visitors and the Quiltersgilde will get lots of new members.

So for me as a new prospective board member these are busy times. Not much time to quilt lately, but I will take a little handwork with me to Deventer....

Happy sewing,

27 augustus 2012

Finished my homework in time for the next board meeting

Already a few months ago we had a brainstorm session with the board of the Dutch Quiltersgilde. Apart from coming up with ideas for next years' celebrations (Quiltersgilde will celebrate it's 30 birthday), we had a little workshop organised by Marleen.

Next week we will have the our monthly board meeting and YES my pincushion is ready for show and tell!!!

still need some bling
look at that beautiful dahlia!!!

Happy quilting!!


21 augustus 2012

Fabric painting in Koekange

Early August I spent two days with Hilde playing with paint and fabric. It was lots of fun and the teachers were excellent. The atmosphere was great, the food and wine the best. All in all the perfect little holiday we wished for.

colors brewing

tired from rinsing all the fabric

color circle fabric drying

preparing the silkscreens

drying the silkscreens

my sperm fabric print

silkscreen prints drying 

Thank you for the great workshop and good company Jobina and Janny!!

Happy quilting,

25 juli 2012

Garden time

Today I am enjoying my garden. Still a lot of things to do, but today it will be too hot to pull weeds.

Hope you get some quilting inspiration from these pictures.

vegetables and herb garden

pumpkin flower


pumpkins growing

bees on the buddleia

lathyrus on the fence

rosa bonica and vinca minor

lathyrus flower

Happy summer,