15 januari 2013

Is it the weather???? Chicago here I come!!!!

It looks like, with the snow covering most part of the Netherlands, I finally get into the right mood preparing my visit to my friends in the US. Making some Dutch goody bags. Putting together kits for a little project.

I will fly out to Chicago on Friday and enjoy a week of winter weather in good, old, cold Chicagoland.

Visiting NSIN friends, neighbors, quilt friends and even attend a meeting of the Lincolnshire garden club!!!
But the main reason for this trip is the Quilt-In organized by my old Guild: Illinois Quilters Inc. During 48 hours of continues sewing I can catch up with all the IQI members. What a treat!!

embellished heart of felt and fabric
Dutch goody bags in the making 

my mom's old buttons to use for a little project.....

I am going to work with this book and start with my Barn Quilt. There is a Dutch barn pattern that will definitely be in my quilt.

Here is a picture to proof I met that lady in Paducah!!! She signed a copy of her book for me.
Enjoy the winter weather and keep warm,

06 januari 2013


Something about 2013 tells me it will be the year of hearts........No, I won't start the "a heart a day" project. Look here if you want to join Sweet Hearts 2013.
After trying to build a house a day last year and managed 3(!!) houses, I decided I will not start a daily project like that ever again!
Busy making gifts for my friends in Chicago. Still have a few to make and so little time!!
And one will find its way to  my friend in Singapore......

Happy sewing,

02 januari 2013

A day well spend

The first day of the New Year I spend reorganizing and cleaning out my sewing room.
We celebrated Sinterklaas surprise evening and a lot of crafty stuff was going on in the house. My room was a mess.
So I decided the first day of 2013 was cleaning day. Even my pins are in the right place.....
all my pins sorted....

And after that I still had some time to finish up two Christmas projects.

pennyrug started at the regiodag in Maasbracht

workshop @ Fran├žoise Maarse

So all in all a very good start of the new year. How about you?
Happy sewing,