09 november 2012

Little Carrousel almost AFFO

The final stitches have been made, I tried to use up all left over fabric to assemble the back of the quilt. All is left now are some small scraps ;) Yeah!!

the back all pieced together

And I finally used the "Heat Press batting together" I bought ages ago in Paducah.  It works perfectly for this small quilt.

ironing on the cloth tape to fuse the batting

look at that! 

my new friend ;)
All I have to do now is the quilting. I will use my machine, because with all the seams it will be hard to hand quilt my little Carrousel.
Françoise has already started the new mystery this month called: Mysterie Sweet Hearts. But I still need some time to finish this one. And my dear Françoise: I won't need the "red de restjes" workshop as you can see looking at the pictures ;)

Happy Quilting,

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I've also recently found those tapes for ironing batting pieces together. Aren't they great? The back of your carousel quilt is looking very colourful. Have fun with quilting it.

  2. met mijn nieuwe ..... zou je die ook heel mooi kunnen quilten!
    als ik al precies wist hoe ik alles aan de praat krijg :(
    even halen kostte meer dan drie uur en dan moet ik ook nog les hebben. mijn handen jeuken maar nu komt vanavond pieter onverwacht en morgen volkert. ook gezellig maar waarom net nu dit weekend? groetjes van juffertje ongeduld

  3. Tja, dat soort handige dingen heb je natuurlijk weer niet in Brazilië... ;-)