26 februari 2013

In between.....

Something I have been working on watching TV for the last months. And not during the Danish police series, because I could not follow and count at the same time....
Finally finished yesterday and this morning I pressed the little points in place.
Yarn I bought at her shop in November at the Arnhem Quilt fair.
First time I knitted something with this lace pattern and I am pleased with the result. ;)
The pattern is called 'annis'.

Happy quilting and knitting,

19 februari 2013

Final Camelot block

Yesterday evening I sorted my leftover fabric and cut the parts of the final block.
I still have a lot of fabric strips left, but not a lot of different color values. So I am happy this is the end.....
block 16 ready to be sewn (not looking that good against the color of the new sofa)

leftover strips of den Haan & Wagenmakers fabric sorted by color
This "Camelot variation" quilt might be in a quilt show in a couple of years....who knows.....

I am very proud of my "Rooster's Rose Garden" quilt on the flyer of the Quilt Show in my hometown Vught!!!
Hope to see you there.

Happy quilting,

13 februari 2013

Quilt Exhibition in Vught

I am so excited to be able to announce the following event!!!

Several enthusiastic quilters from Vught organize an exhibition of their work in the library in Vught on March 7, 8 and 9  from 11 am to 5 pm, admission € 1.50.

Address: Dorpsstraat 28, Vught. Phone: 073-656 3320

This event is realized in cooperation with the LambertusPodium. This foundation organizes on Friday March 8th at 6pm an evening program at the Lambertus Church including dinner, a story by Françoise Maarse about symbolism in patchwork and the showing of the movie "How to Make an American Quilt".
Cost € 15.00, reservations required through Inger Hordijk <mailto:ingerhordijk@msn.com>

Hope you will be able to come and enjoy some of the wonderful quilts that are made by this group of women from Vught!!!

Happy quilting,

12 februari 2013

Camelot oh, Camelot

The end is nearly there. I am working on block number 15 at the moment.
Time to look for the other block I made while living in Shanghai during the lessons in a local quilt-shop. All made with the same den Haan & Wagenmakers fabric and all hand pieced.
Sit back and enjoy......
apple core block made in Shanghai

Baltimore basket made in Shanghai

Camelot block 15

mini weddingring block made in Shanghai

Camelot block 14?

Camelot block 9-14
Now the fun part starts, placing all the blocks in the right place......The 16 Camelot blocks will be placed on the point and the corner blocks will be my Shanghai blocks.
Will need to put up my design wall for this....

To be continued....

Happy quilting,

01 februari 2013

I have been very productive....

Last week was a week of catching up with old friends. It was great to see so many people who mean a lot to me, because I have fond memories of things we did together: gardening, visiting museums, quilting, cooking, drinking coffee or having lunch.... Did I promise to come back next year? I think I did......

At the end of my visit I spend a long weekend with 62 other women and 1 man. With only sewing on our minds and it was wonderful!! What a lot you can achieve if you don't have to clean, cook and grocery shop!!
Look at the blocks I made for my barn quilt. The barns will still get some animals appliquéd on the grass.

Barn on the hill Block

Dutch barn with open door
Dora's Delight block

Farmer's Daughter Block

my 'production' of the weekend

Happy sewing,