25 november 2012

Camelot block 9 and 10

Next week I will have the Camelot bee again and get the pattern for 2 new blocks.
I am glad to be able to keep up with this project, so far so good..... Let's see how I get through the month of December.
block 10

block 9

And in the mean time I am busy with something different, granny squares..... I am totally hooked!!!

Happy Quilting,


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ze zijn prachtig en de grannies zijn ook goed gelukt :D

  2. Wauwwwwwwwwwww....die Camelot is wel errug mooi zeg!
    Is dat een bom, of ook in boekvorm te verkrijgen?

  3. I'm more and more taken with your Camelot blocks. How long do you work on one block in average?
    It seems there's a real "craze" about those granny squares at the moment. What are they going to become?