29 februari 2012

Wednesday - siggy day

I received a few siggies this week and this afternoon I will put 5 envelopes in the mail to make 5 ladies very happy!!
I really enjoy reading all the letters and looking at the different siggies. So far I received 7.
Don't know if every Wednesday will be a siggy-day, but for the moment I don't mind.
The Chinese fabric from Shanghai makes me think of all the lovely quilt meetings with our International Quilt group. I miss those weekly meetings and all the friends a lot.  

Keep those envelopes coming!!


22 februari 2012

Wednesday = siggy day?

Just a short note about my siggy.  I already received a few siggies and here is a picture of mine.
Great to read the stories and see the different designs.
my siggy

I decided to declare Wednesday my siggy day for the moment. I'll see how busy I get.

If you want to know the story behind my siggy, you will have to send me one ;)

Have a great day,


20 februari 2012

New project

Now I have settled down a bit in my new house it was time to start a new project. I had been looking forward to this for a long time, but did not start because of all the packing and unpacking I had to do.
But in January I emailed Annelies with the request to put me on her siggy list. I ordered an ink pad here and I was ready to start making siggies myself.

 Anke was the first to send me her siggy. A start of a collection from all over the world I hope.
A special Dutch tin box to keep them all safe.

Have a good start of the week,

13 februari 2012

catching up

I had some catching up to do. I missed part 3 of the mystery quilt project, because I was traveling the beginning of January. And the part 4 lesson was already planned for the end of January! But I finished both today and am looking forward to the next meeting in de Quilterij in Den Bosch. It is still a big surprise how all the blocks will fit together, but it is fun working on them.

part 3 and 4

part 3
Now it is time to start building houses, no excuse of freezing temperatures any more!!

See you later,


08 februari 2012

Friends all over the world

While unpacking boxes and decorating my new sewing room I come across lots of little things that remind me of my friends from different times and places. The tiny little tea set Carmen bought for me when I left Shanghai, the box with pictures of Joke's paintings made by Hilde for our 25th wedding anniversary, the quilt I received in Lincolnshire last summer before returning to the Netherlands to name a few.

It slows me down, seeing all those items. I see faces, hear voices and remember the fun things we did together.
The room is still a mess, some plugs are not fitting in the sockets and I need more shelves. But when I am between the boxes and fabrics, I feel warm and at home.

Two weeks ago Hilde came to visit. She was our first official guest in our new house. She helped me unpack a few boxes and arranging my fabrics in the drawers. It was fun seeing her again and she spoiled me with 2 handmade gifts.

Now I have to work hard to catch up with my mystery from de Quilterij.

So see you later!!