25 juli 2012

Garden time

Today I am enjoying my garden. Still a lot of things to do, but today it will be too hot to pull weeds.

Hope you get some quilting inspiration from these pictures.

vegetables and herb garden

pumpkin flower


pumpkins growing

bees on the buddleia

lathyrus on the fence

rosa bonica and vinca minor

lathyrus flower

Happy summer,

17 juli 2012

Perfect weather to plant another tree

Doing some indoor gardening, because outside it is still Dutch summer.

These are my block for the 'family tree' quilt for my son. And the quilt is growing nicely, getting enough water.....

Happy quilting,

10 juli 2012

Siggy update

Just 1 siggy to send this week. But look how much fun this one is. Because of the weather ( rain, rain and more rain) I like to look at this siggy and it brightens up my day.
Thank you Femija!!!

Happy sewing,

07 juli 2012


Little Carrousel
Last Friday we got together for the 9th part of the mystery by Fran├žoise. It was the first time we met after she closed her shop in Den Bosch.  So we came to her 'atelier' at her home.
Today I sewed all the parts of the little Carrousel together, so my homework for summer is done!!
Look how cute the carrousel turns out with the horse, carriage and elephant.
Very eager to find out what will happen in the borders....
For that I will, unfortunately, have to wait a while.
But I have enough little projects to keep myself busy.

Enjoy summer,