26 november 2013

In case you wondered….

I actually do some quilting in between all other things…..A friend gave me the pattern for the weaving method to put sashings between the DJ blocks. I have made 14 blocks so far. Will see how many more will follow….

first attempt to put some of my DJ blocks together with the weaving method

with a stamp bought at the "regiodag" I made the first scrap stars
At the regiodag in Oisterwijk I bought a stamp from Quilt it & Dotty. All the scraps from my Camelot quilt are in a bag and they will turn into little stars!! Lucky them….

Happy quilting!!

18 november 2013


I have been busy with all kind of things lately. And my head is bursting with ideas!

We had an inspirational day with the Dutch Quilters Guild at the Gardens of Appeltern. And here is the result…
Some old spoons and forks, stick apples on top et voila!! The birds are happy!

I taught two lovely ladies making small Christmas ornaments at my home.

And now my bee friends want to come over and give it a try too. The cardboard kits have been ordered ladies!

And my  Dear Jane with Kaffe Fasset fabric is growing slowly. I met with Sandra (click to go to her webpage and see what amazing things she makes and sells!!) to see what progress we made in the last weeks.
This always gives me an energy boost and all I want to do now is make another DJ block!

I am going to put the sashings in a special way, got the pattern from one of the ladies from our bee.

Did I already tell you I have too many ideas and plans in my head?  Oh yeah, told you already…..

Keep looking, you will find inspiration everywhere around you!!