17 oktober 2011

How many projects will fit in one basket...

On the dining room table there is an old basket. It comes from my husbands aunt, lovely old fashioned with a plastic lined base inside.  In there I put the projects that I am currently working on.
After I moved in to our temporary home I started working on the family tree quilt for my son. I have 7 blocks sewn together and the other 11 in bags sorted out, ready to go.
Second layer in my basket is the stitchery teapot blocks with all the fabrics I selected and got from my friend. A hand work project, maybe I will take it along on our trip to Berlin next week.
And then there comes a third layer.....Last Saturday I went to the Quilterij and signed up for the Mystery Quilt Project 2011-2012 called Carrousel, starting first week in November. I picked purples, greens and reds. The kit comes in a nice box together with embroidery thread. I decided to make the small version (75x100cm). Can't wait to start working on it, but most of all meeting the other ladies that will work on this project for the coming year. Meeting other quilters through a quilt class is the best way to start feeling at home where ever you live. I miss all my quilt friends in Singapore, Shanghai and Chicago a lot. Don't want and cannot replace them, but just want to add some friends to my list.

Happy quilting,

07 oktober 2011

Inspirational visit

Yesterday I went to visit my old friend Astrid. We were roommates in Leiden and she is a quilter like I am. After a cup of tea and a lovely apple/pear crumble I showed her my teapot stitcheries and a few of the fabrics I am planning to use for the connecting blocks.  Her fabric stash is amazing and I was lucky enough to find some matching solids to use with the prints I already selected.
I am going to hand sew this quilt so I can also work on it during the quilt café at the Quilterij in Den Bosch.

The pattern is from Crab-apple Hill called : Remember Me.

Happy quilting,