30 mei 2012

Roosters on the way to my sewing machine...

Today It was siggy day again. Received some beauties over the last week.

And there were my roosters walking towards my sewing machine...
Very eager to be sewn into siggies!! I bet they love the bright red and green from the Shanghai fabric as much as I do.

I love this little in between project. Keeps me thinking of all my quilt friends all over the world.

Happy sewing,

23 mei 2012

Mystery part 7

In between working in the garden and dusting (outside of the house is being painted) I managed to get started with part 7 of the little mystery.
Next week we will already get the next part, so I will have to do some gardening inside.

part 7

Pretty little flowers and one with a special ribbon for Françoise.
special Quilterij flower

It will be a row of 5 flowers

Happy sewing,

16 mei 2012

Camelot, I love you

Still no weather for gardening so today I finished camelot blocks 3 and 4.

first 4 blocks looking good together
Looking forward to the next blocks. Fallen in love with hand sewing and round shapes.

Happy sewing,

15 mei 2012

Hail, rain, thunder, lightning, siggy

What else can you do on a day like this than making siggies?  It is cold and wet and we even had some hail just now. No way I can get some planting done, so indoor activities for the moment. I don't mind....

I received a few new ones lately and the updated list so time to sew and send.
My collection is growing!!!
When you think of it: there is not a lot of difference between gardening and collecting siggies......

Happy sewing,

13 mei 2012

little projects

This past week, I finished 2 small projects. I love those things that are done in half a day.
The lady with hat was a kit we received at the last regio dag from the Nederlandse quiltersgilde. It is now on display at a home for the elderly together with some other small items from my friends and me.
using the quilt halo from Sharon Schamber

design by Wendy Vosters

The tulip was a project I started in the US as a workshop. I finished it yesterday morning and gave it to a friend who turned 60.
design by Laurel Anderson

Happy sewing,

07 mei 2012

Camping, biking, reading and quilting

We had a wonderful 10 days. Lots of rain and cold in Luxembourg so we decided to go east and we ended up in the south of Germany. Visited castles and old cities in the Nürnberg region. The weather over there was great. Did a lot of biking (hills...), read 3 books and did a little quilting.  The perfect holiday!
lots of hills....

sometimes I lost my DH......everything yellow.....

working on my camelot block 3
tree blossom everywhere 

campsite: die Romantische Strasse 


Happy sewing,