19 september 2012

Mystery part 10

After a busy time because of the quilt show in Deventer, I almost forgot what my sewing machine looked like....
But I made today into a quilt-day and finished the top of the mystery quilt Little Carrousel by Fran├žoise Maarse.

hang in there Little Carrousel, help is on the way

strips for the 2cm wide border

preparing the first border

adding the second 10cm wide border

work station
Now I can show the result to the "Vughtse Stucjes" quilt bee tonight at my house.
Still have to sew the mitered corners, but I will manage before 8pm.....

Happy sewing,

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It's looking great Rose-Anne and I'm sure your stitching friends will be impressed. Did they all make it too? Or is that a different group? I love the border fabric you are using!

  2. Ah, wat zal dit een heerlijke dag zijn geweest, lekker in je eigen kamer en een heel eind opgeschoten! Spannend hoe het er straks uit gaat zien!