26 februari 2014

Spring is here!!

Since I officially declared spring is here and we won't get any winter anymore, the garden was in need of a spring cleaning…..
We went from fall directly into spring this year. No snow and no outdoor ice skating this year.

All the plants are waking up and this is 2 months earlier compared to last year!!

primula in bloom

look what I discovered, a rose!!

botanical tulips and crocus

narcissus from last year
I enjoyed being outside, hope some of you will have the opportunity to do the same.

And tonight I will sew another DJ block. Couldn't wish for a better day…….


18 februari 2014

Crafts are hip!!!

Seen in Maastricht: bicycle with knitted decoration

Handwerkbeurs Zwolle: lots of people looking for creative ideas

And if you still think quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery are old-fashioned hobbies:
 simply open your eyes to all the creativity that's all around you!!!   


PS  That's what I mean!!! HIP!! http://www.wolplein.nl/blog/olympische-muts-breien/

16 februari 2014

Good teachers

Not everybody realises how important good teachers are. I almost gave away my rotary cutter because I had problems with it being a lefty. Don't laugh!!!
So I told Françoise and voila!! She opened my eyes and told me to just change the side of the blade…
How stupid I have been, thinking the thing would not work for me getting in the way with my rulers all the time…
a quiet moment in Zwolle

Thank you Françoise for being a wonderful teacher!! Hope you have fun at the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle and sell lots of your books.

for the right handed

for the left handed
Wishing this is also an eyeopener some of you ……..

Happy quilting,

11 februari 2014

Lesson from Nienke

Last Saturday we had a short lesson on how to use you-tube in your blog. I succeeded in copying the link!! Yeah!!
Nienke is a great teacher and I guess I payed enough attention :) while she explained what to do.

I thought this short video from outer space would be fun to share with you.

Quilting knows no boundaries!!!!

Happy Quilting where ever you are….


10 februari 2014

Exhibition of Miniatuurquilts in Tilburg

I am working on my apple core quilt for the Exhibition of Miniature  Quilts at the Synagogue in Tilburg from April 1st till April 4th.

Printed out the application form so there is no way back…….

And I will add a little caterpillar, don't know yet if I will appliqué, embroider or quilt this little creature… I think you all have to come and find out for yourselves in Tilburg!!

Click here to download the form

If you also want that cool MTT button on your blog go to the Quiltersgilde blog and grab that button!!

Happy quilting,

04 februari 2014

My mini apple core

When I eat an apple I almost finish the whole thing, core included……My mother used to say that apple pips were good for your brain…

This block I made while living in Shanghai and I decided (sat week) this must be my miniature quilt for the exhibition in Tilburg from 1 till 4 April. Exactly measuring 50cmx50cm this little beauty has to become an AFFO. Still have to think of a name…

See you all in Tilburg!!!