30 september 2013

DJ 2

Finally got my fabrics sorted out and finished block 2 of DJ.
Block 2: F7

Block 1: G7
Inspired by Jeltje from quiltshop 100 rozen I will use all the Kaffe Fasset fabrics I collected during the last 10 years for this mega project......

To be continued........

Happy quilting!!

27 september 2013

Purple strips....

Yesterday I hosted the Vughtse Stuckjes quilt bee. Ans brought the little flags (they can also be used as potholders) we made to celebrate her safe return. 
I promised you a picture of all five together. 


 And because we still have a lot of strips left........We started making log cabin blocks. Not clear how we will put them together, but it will be a group quilt in the end....

Happy Quilting,

25 september 2013

Finished project !!!

Vughtse Kermis
I started working on this quilt after I moved back to the Netherlands in November 2011 at the Quilterij in Den Bosch. Françoise Maarse made the design of this little mystery quilt called "Little Carrousel".  Yesterday evening I finished stitching the binding by hand. Still have to put a label at the back.

This flower was modified by me to make it into the perfect "Françoise flower".

A lot happened since I worked on the first blocks...... The Quilterij moved to Vught, I moved to my permanent home, I found a job as a boardmember of the Quiltersgilde and together with  five lovely ladies we started our quilt bee the "Vughtse Stuckjes" every other week.

I have the feeling after finishing this project, I must change the title of my blog.....
Instead of "expat quilter returns home" it should be "expat quilter feels at home".
It feels like I have lived in Vught all my life!! Thank you dear friends to make me feel so at home.

Happy quilting,

17 september 2013

Welcome home

Our quiltbee "Vughtse Stucjes" has welcomed home Ans after her bike ride to Rome with a heart garland. (picture will follow) Five hearts in different colors, mine is purple.

Just before she left, she gave each of us a shoebox filled with 3cm strips for a group project. We decided to make her a garland using those stripes.

Almost five weeks she has been on the road together with her husband.
According to initial reports, she would come home this Friday. So the plan was to collect the hearts on Wednesday (tomorrow) that gave us plenty of time to hang them at her front door.
BUT: yesterday we found out that she was coming home that evening!!
At full speed yesterday we finished the hearts .... just in time to welcome her home.

Welcome home Ans, we are looking forward to your stories.

Happy quilting,