12 oktober 2013

Organize action!!

The Netherlands is busy with the challenges of http://yourganize.nl/ . Small clean up tasks per day, to help you get rid of some stuff in drawers, handbags, kitchen cabinets and wardrobe closets.

My desk is clean and I must admit: working at a clean and organized desk feels much better.....and makes you more productive!

In the mean time, I also made some progress with my DJ blocks and even started a baby quilt for one of my neighbors (baby due any moment now!)

baby quilt in progress

DJ block 6

Wishing all of you a clean and organized workspace!!!


09 oktober 2013

DJ progress

After intense labour of 48 hours I can happily announce the birth of block G6 ..... I call her: difficult...

This is my 5th block of Dear Jane, it can only get easier after this.

Keep positive and happy quilting!!!!