28 maart 2012


This week I received my first siggy from Germany.
I have to smile every time I look at it. It is so bright and happy. But also because of the Ginkgo leaf, it reminds me of my friend Vreni. She made silver pendants using the ginkgo leaf.

Today I will put 3 siggies in the mail, on their way to brighten up another quilters' life.

Happy sewing,


26 maart 2012

Mystery part 5 Little Carrousel

I started working on part 5 of the mystery quilt.
It's lots of fun. Will have to add some beading to give it the same bling as the other stitchery.

part 5

carriage with lots of bling

Happy sewing,


21 maart 2012

Spring versus Siggy

When the weather is so nice and spring is in the air, I find it difficult to stay inside. The garden is calling. And more so the pile of 10 cubic meter of compost I ordered is screaming at me .......

But I want to keep you updated about my siggies. So here is the harvest from last week.
Thank you for this wonderful signature block Linda!! I will put mine in the mail today.
Still waiting for a few international siggies. Think I have sent 5 internationally, so every time the mailman comes to my house, I get all excited.

Happy sewing (and gardening),


19 maart 2012

Organizing my sewing room

This weekend my son helped me putting up some shelves. Now I have to do the rest!!
I have found some treasures while unpacking and reorganizing. On a photo board, I made myself while living in Shanghai, I stuck some pictures from quilt outings in the US. And finally I can display my quilts on the wooden rack I bought while traveling to the Amish community in Indiana.

hiding my fabric stash from the sun

my Amish wooden laundry rack with quilts

Some pictures I found while going through all my papers. I stuck them on my Chinese fabric covered photo board.

Anita, myself and Angel in Paducah

Donna and myself at the quilt-in

In Paducah with Eleanor Burns
Now the final clean up and I am ready for big things!!!

Happy sewing,


14 maart 2012

Siggy collection

My siggy collection is growing!! Today I will put 6 of my siggies in the mail. Some of them will find new homes outside the Netherlands.
This week I was happy to receive 4 beautiful little additions.

latest addition

growing collection

Keep those siggies coming!!!


12 maart 2012

Building houses from scraps with a twist

My name wouldn't be Rose-Anne if I would follow a pattern to the letter. That is why I have been searching for a twist.....

I am taking another road with the world wide rage of building houses.
Due to moving house and other things that have kept me busy during the first 2 months of this year, I felt I had to look for a different approach. And last weekend an idea grew in my head.
Instead of making a quilt with 365 little houses, I will make one with 15 houses. This is the number of houses my husband and I have lived in during the past 30 years. I will incorporate the number 30, because of our wedding anniversary in April.
Using ties for the roofs (that is why I use the pattern mirror image) and old shirts for door, window and sky.
The idea is still growing, but I want it to be a quilt to celebrate our 30 plus years together. Including fabric from the evening dress I wore to our first party together.
To be continued.......

Happy sewing,


09 maart 2012

Mystery part 5

Last week it was time to go to de Quilterij in Den Bosch for part 5 of the mystery quilt. I am only making the 'Little Carrousel' and not the full size version. Just enough work to be able to finish in time for the next part. I love the design so far and wonder what the end result will look like. But I have to be patient and trust Fran├žoise.

part 5

Part 5 is another stitchery. To trace the little horse I had to wait until the sun was strong enough. For tracing the pattern I use the frixion ballpen from Pilot. Those were a big hit in the US when I lived there. I bought a red, blue and black one. Removable by ironing, very easy to use.

part 1

parts 2 and 4

part 3
Happy sewing!!


07 maart 2012

siggy update

I love my growing collection of siggies. Today I put 3 envelopes in the mail.

One has to travel all the way to Brasil!!

Safe travels my siggies,


05 maart 2012

Camelot first 2 blocks

Something I signed up for together with my friend Astrid. As if we don't have enough projects to keep us busy ..... Once every 2 months, we get the patterns for 2 blocks. Astrid gave me a box with 'den Haan & Wagenmakers' fabric some years ago. I want to add the camelot blocks to a few blocks I already made with this fabulous fabric while living in Shanghai.
All pieced by hand, I love it.
block 1

block 2

finished blocks put together
Enjoy your day,


04 maart 2012

Welcome home darling

Finally my darling has arrived safely in my new home. I had to amputate the Singapore plug and put a Dutch one on so I could send her off to be serviced. ( Rijkers in Veghel)
To my surprise I noticed something strange when I took her home again. She is a little naughty girl, because she came back with a tattoo !!!

But we talked about it and everything is fine again.
I am very glad we are together again and hope we can spend as much time together as possible!!

Happy sewing!!