12 maart 2012

Building houses from scraps with a twist

My name wouldn't be Rose-Anne if I would follow a pattern to the letter. That is why I have been searching for a twist.....

I am taking another road with the world wide rage of building houses.
Due to moving house and other things that have kept me busy during the first 2 months of this year, I felt I had to look for a different approach. And last weekend an idea grew in my head.
Instead of making a quilt with 365 little houses, I will make one with 15 houses. This is the number of houses my husband and I have lived in during the past 30 years. I will incorporate the number 30, because of our wedding anniversary in April.
Using ties for the roofs (that is why I use the pattern mirror image) and old shirts for door, window and sky.
The idea is still growing, but I want it to be a quilt to celebrate our 30 plus years together. Including fabric from the evening dress I wore to our first party together.
To be continued.......

Happy sewing,


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