08 februari 2012

Friends all over the world

While unpacking boxes and decorating my new sewing room I come across lots of little things that remind me of my friends from different times and places. The tiny little tea set Carmen bought for me when I left Shanghai, the box with pictures of Joke's paintings made by Hilde for our 25th wedding anniversary, the quilt I received in Lincolnshire last summer before returning to the Netherlands to name a few.

It slows me down, seeing all those items. I see faces, hear voices and remember the fun things we did together.
The room is still a mess, some plugs are not fitting in the sockets and I need more shelves. But when I am between the boxes and fabrics, I feel warm and at home.

Two weeks ago Hilde came to visit. She was our first official guest in our new house. She helped me unpack a few boxes and arranging my fabrics in the drawers. It was fun seeing her again and she spoiled me with 2 handmade gifts.

Now I have to work hard to catch up with my mystery from de Quilterij.

So see you later!!


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  1. Slowly your treasures will find a new place in your new home and slowly you will get into swing in your new stage of life! So nice to share the same hobbies and much more! ;)