29 februari 2012

Wednesday - siggy day

I received a few siggies this week and this afternoon I will put 5 envelopes in the mail to make 5 ladies very happy!!
I really enjoy reading all the letters and looking at the different siggies. So far I received 7.
Don't know if every Wednesday will be a siggy-day, but for the moment I don't mind.
The Chinese fabric from Shanghai makes me think of all the lovely quilt meetings with our International Quilt group. I miss those weekly meetings and all the friends a lot.  

Keep those envelopes coming!!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Setting up new life is not always easy. And all your fabrics bring back fond memories from the different places you have been. Give yourself some time and in the mean time, let those Siggies fly around the world!

  2. The Chinese fabric brings back many memories for me too and I often think of the happy times we had there.