12 februari 2013

Camelot oh, Camelot

The end is nearly there. I am working on block number 15 at the moment.
Time to look for the other block I made while living in Shanghai during the lessons in a local quilt-shop. All made with the same den Haan & Wagenmakers fabric and all hand pieced.
Sit back and enjoy......
apple core block made in Shanghai

Baltimore basket made in Shanghai

Camelot block 15

mini weddingring block made in Shanghai

Camelot block 14?

Camelot block 9-14
Now the fun part starts, placing all the blocks in the right place......The 16 Camelot blocks will be placed on the point and the corner blocks will be my Shanghai blocks.
Will need to put up my design wall for this....

To be continued....

Happy quilting,

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Those Shanghai blocks made me smile as they brought back so many good memories.
    Love your Camelot blocks, but I think I said that before ;)! Have fun putting them all together.

  2. Those fabrics and designs are beautiful! Oh my, all those memories the different blocks have will turn this quilt in a real treasure to keep!

  3. Wat een genot om hier te kijken.... het prachtige baltimore blok springt er natuurlijk meteen uit voor mij. Wat doen die Wagenmakertjes het goed in Baltimore!!