19 februari 2013

Final Camelot block

Yesterday evening I sorted my leftover fabric and cut the parts of the final block.
I still have a lot of fabric strips left, but not a lot of different color values. So I am happy this is the end.....
block 16 ready to be sewn (not looking that good against the color of the new sofa)

leftover strips of den Haan & Wagenmakers fabric sorted by color
This "Camelot variation" quilt might be in a quilt show in a couple of years....who knows.....

I am very proud of my "Rooster's Rose Garden" quilt on the flyer of the Quilt Show in my hometown Vught!!!
Hope to see you there.

Happy quilting,

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, your quilt is on the flyer! Congratulations. It looks like there's enough fabric left for another quilt, maybe a smaller one. Although I must say, that it was perfect for your Camelot quilt.

  2. Dat is super om op de flyer te staan en je camelot wordt ondanks de restjes toch prachtig (idd niet op de sofa) ;)

  3. wie zegt dat nieuwkomers niet integreren :)

  4. Heerlijk om zo bezig te zijn en als slagroom op de taart jouw quilt op de poster!

  5. Prachtig weer zo'n blok in wording. Al die stofjes zien er leuk uit! Mooi hoor dat je quilt op de poster staat!