15 januari 2012

I went shopping....

Last week I was in Shanghai to accompany my husband to the annual dinner. Well, that was what he thought..... In fact I planned to see some friends (including 1 quilt friend), have lunch, do some sight seeing, shopping and yes I also went to the Annual Dinner.
We came home last night with 2 big bags filled with curtains for our new house (I never travel without the little notebook with all the measurement of windows and doors).
And in the picture you see the gifts I bought for all my old and new quilt friends.
Shanghai is a beautiful city, much cleaner and better organised than a few years back. I love the people and I always say:  zài jiàn

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I was just this minute thinking of you! Glad to hear you had a lovely week in Shanghai. Good idea to get some curtains made there. Good luck with the move next week. I guess you can't wait to unpack your container.
    PS: the reason why I was thinking of you was that I found a nice blog I thought you might enjoy:http://foldingtrees.com/

  2. Oh gekochte tasjes, ik dacht even dat je ze had gemaakt voor je vriendinnen in Shanghai. Ze zijn beeldig!