02 januari 2013

A day well spend

The first day of the New Year I spend reorganizing and cleaning out my sewing room.
We celebrated Sinterklaas surprise evening and a lot of crafty stuff was going on in the house. My room was a mess.
So I decided the first day of 2013 was cleaning day. Even my pins are in the right place.....
all my pins sorted....

And after that I still had some time to finish up two Christmas projects.

pennyrug started at the regiodag in Maasbracht

workshop @ Françoise Maarse

So all in all a very good start of the new year. How about you?
Happy sewing,

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Me too! Started cleaning up the stash on my table and found projects I have to do first before I can start a new quilt: mending clothes! Pfff And the São Paulo dust in the back of the cabinet in my room has to go... Pfff. But when that all is cleared ...!!!

  2. I actually cleaned my room on the 31st. I thought I can't get into the new year with such a mess ;). Now I'm ready to get sewing again, once everything is back to normal next week when Christa goes back to Beijing. I love your Christmas tree project. Is it made with wool? That's something I would like to try as well.

  3. lekker opgeruimd. Goed idee maar mijn rug laat dat even niet toe.moet ook eerst de kerstlogeerpartij wegwerken voor ik weer aan het afwerken van een babyquilt verder kan.
    "gelukkig" heb ik een hoop papierwerk uit te zoeken en te verwerken :( en daarna mag ik aan de studie. nog even doorzwemmen Jantje!

  4. Good job! It is what I should have done. Worked on making greeting cards instead. It least I was keeping busy!

  5. I enjoy the mess I make, just before I have to go back to work and be organized :-). Still two days playtime, but after that...