23 januari 2014

The "Vughtse Stuckjes" bee

Yesterday we figured out how to put together our group project from all the strips. We all got a shoebox filled with 3cm strips sorted by color.

In the end we decided it should look like this:

We decided to make 8 more blocks, so we will have 4 Chinese lanterns in 6 different colors. (Green is joining us soon!!)
Don't think it will be ready for the Algemene Tentoonstelling this year, but it will be in 2015!!!

It is fun to work on a group project, maybe we have to start another one.
Still lots of scraps left……..

I am working with the purple strips…. no surprise there…..

Happy Quilting!!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great idea to get rid of all those craps (as I'm assuming that is what you are using). It's going to be a very special quilt with so many hands working on it. Is it going to be for charity?