11 juni 2013

Special feeling....

Now I know how it feels to be " the chosen one".
Yesterday, while driving back from the Patchwork Tage in Berlin, I found out that my blog was "blog of the week". And I must say: I feel very honored!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog despite the fact that I am not posting a lot lately. If only we could have 48 hours in a day.

Update on Camelot:
Decided to NOT use the Shanghai blocks and started cutting the points for the border. Hope I will have enough fabric...

Patchwork Tage in Berlin was a great event, you will be able to read all about it in the September number of Quiltnieuws.
the car was packed

You can find some pictures on the blog of the German Quilt Guild.

Happy quilting!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Congratulations for being "the blog of the week". Will go and explore "Patchwork Tage" a bit more. It looks like you had a jam packed time in Berlin (and your car was jam packed too.
    PS: I think your Camelot quilt will look stunning without the Shanghai blocks. Would you be able to buy more of the fabric in case you run out?

  2. You are the chosen one! Congrats on getting blog of the week! Wow! Your car really was packed. I hope you got everything that you needed.

    from Leonor Boyd at Split-Site PhD