24 april 2013

Yes I did it!!

I decided it was about time I send in my application for the Algemene Tentoonstelling.
Due date is May 1st.

So today I took my memory stick to the photo shop and had them print out the pictures of my quilt. Put them in an envelope and filled out the form. Yeah!!! There was no way back after I dropped the envelope in the mailbox....

And now I will have to wait (together with 300 other ladies and a few men) to find out if my quilt will be accepted.
I hope they have enough space, because it measures 250 cm x 250 cm ........

Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy Quilting,


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Good Luck. I will keep my fingers crossed too.

  2. Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed). Best of luck!!!

  3. Mijn formulier ligt ook klaar...nog even invullen, foto's maken.
    Niet vergeten daarna de quilt ook af te maken, maar ik heb dan een goede stok achter de deur...Hij is nl ook zo groot!