18 april 2012

Tea Party

When I did a little show and tell at my house last week I showed the ladies my tea pot stitcheries. And I fell in love all over again.
Why was this project hiding in an old basket?
So I cut the handkerchiefs and assembled the five blocks. All with a different color plain fabric my friend Astrid gave me ages ago...

 For a long time I was thinking of putting dresden plates in the four blocks. But I bought this package while visiting my friend Hilde in the Hague. Not sure which shop, maybe Quilters Palet?

So I decided to use these octagons to make the 4 blocks. And they turned out very nice!!

I always take it one step at the time.
So I have no idea yet what to do with a border or some additional blocks? Maybe a lot of octagons in different light colored fabrics? Who knows.....

Happy sewing,


3 opmerkingen:

  1. What lovely stitchery! Didn't you make another tea pot quilt, or were they tea cups?

  2. Yes, you bought the package at The Quilterspalet! The design works wonderful with the teapots and I am curious how this project will grow.

  3. Hi Rose-Anne, I've found you too. You have a very enjoyable blog, nice, frequent stories, cute pics.