02 september 2011

How desperate can you be....

It's about time for another post. So much has happened since the first posting. I don't know where to start.
The quiltshop www.quilterij.nl in Den Bosch celebrated its' 10th anniversary. Finally I met the lady behind a blog I have been following since a year or so www.fabricwonderland.blogspot.com . She organizes a quiltcafe every month and it was a lot of fun meeting other quilters that afternoon. I didn't bring anything to work on, but that didn't matter. I smelled fabric again and could see other projects that inspired me.

I have my mothers' old sewing machine with me and finally got it working again. It drank half a bottle of sewing machine oil ..... In the Quilterij I bought a ruler and some pins and with that I thought I was ready to start sewing my tree blocks from Edyta Sitar. So on the day that I had to stay home for KPN to install the internet connection I planned to start cutting the squares I had been sewing with the triangle paper. But I was still missing one more tool: a cutting mat !! So I took one of my plastic cutting boards from the kitchen en started cutting. How desperate can you be.....

2 opmerkingen:

  1. That's a real quilter to the heart: use all you can find just to satisfy your quilting needs! What fijn dat je al zo snel quiltkontakten hebt! Heb je je al kunnen opgegeven voor een cursus? XH

  2. Good thinking! And it worked too ;). When are you getting all your stuff? Love your block by the way. Are you making more for a quilt?